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Jobs growth in the manufacturing, transport and logistics industries


The Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics industries are showing strong jobs growth, moving in an upwards direction from a low maintained since 2013. This, according to the latest SEEK job figures, which highlight that new job ads in Assembly and Process work are up just shy of a quarter YoY, along with jobs such as Pickers and Packers, Machine Operators, Warehousing and Storage and Distribution.

With an estimated 165,000 enterprises and a 1.2 million-strong workforce operating within the transport industry alone, this news is certain to mean increased investment and a positive future. But as manufacturing, transport and logistics industry businesses grow their headcounts of employees, there comes the inevitable need for investments in technology and systems to support the growing numbers.

Productivity experts are urging timely and critical investments in IT infrastructure to ensure smooth business growth. Data from EYsuggests that even though Australian businesses spend an estimated AUD 44 billion p.a on IT, more than one third of employees report that they are delayed at work by issues with outdated technology.

The message to the manufacturing, transport and logistics industries is clear, as approximately 70 per cent of employees believe, “faster access to more accurate data and analytics [will enable] them to make better business decisions” and ramp up productivity.

Mitrefinch offers a range of suitable solutions to suit the mobile nature of these industries, including remote time-clocking and employee self-service functionality which makes it possible for supervisors to easily manage and track a mobile workforce regardless of their location.

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