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Rostering & scheduling software

Make employee shift scheduling a cinch with our scheduling software. Operating as part of our time and attendance solution, this feature helps you ensure that the right people are allocated to work at the right time for the right cost.


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How does it work?

Saves you time with automatic scheduling

Our scheduling software allows you to create predefined resource templates that reflect your business requirements. It lets you easily model work schedules that never change week-to-week. By automating the process, you save administrative time as you don’t need to spend time factoring all the variables for yourself.

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What it can do for your organisation

Help get cover when you need it most

In the event of an unexpected absence (e.g. someone calling in sick), you can apply the same business rules you used to create the schedule to find an alternative employee to work in their stead. You can even plan future scheduling needs in advance during the holiday season, making sure the right mix of talent and skills are available to maximise productivity.

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Adjust for absences

Reduce labour costs and avoid unecessary overtime

With our employee time and attendance software, you can track employee absences and automate time-off requests. This, in conjunction with the scheduling software, will give you an advance warning when a scheduling conflict exists, so you can minimise the impact of overstaffing and high payroll costs on your budget.


Track time on tasks

Labour costing

Time Allocation System (TAS) will allow you to record employee working time against specific jobs, projects or tasks. This lets you track the time spent on a task, which allows for more accurate job costing. It provides managers with valuable insight on how much working time is spent on specific tasks allowing for better operational planning.


Platforms & Services

Whatever the needs of your organisation, we can help you set up and implement the right platform and hardware.

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