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EGR group

Founded in 1973, EGR Group is now the world’s leading designer, manufacturer and international marketer of thermoformed automotive accessories. EGR is a global organisation, employing in excess of 900 people between their offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, and Product Development and Warehousing in Ontario, California and Milton Keynes in the UK.

The need

EGR needed a solution that could meet the needs of a growing, global organisation. EGR’s IT Manager said: “Mitrefinch was [at the time of installation] quite new to Australia, but presented a highly professional solution, with impressive assurances of longevity and support in Australia. The Mitrefinch team came through with a turnkey solution – on time and on budget – and continue to offer second-to-none support.” “Mitrefinch TMS easily accommodates all our award and workplace agreements across four businesses for over 650 factory employees. We record employee attendance via 15 card clocking terminals that are installed across seven sites.”

The results

“Mitrefinch offers terrific support and any queries or problems requiring their assistance have been addressed in a prompt and professional manner. This is of paramount importance to our Payroll department who need to ensure our people are paid accurately and on time – week in, week out. Over time, despite changes to our business requirements and an upgrade to our MicrOpay payroll system, Mitrefinch have proven to be a reliable and valued business partner to EGR.” “We have recommended the Mitrefinch Time and Attendance System to other organisations and will continue to do so.” With Mitrefinch’s time and attendance systems you can:

  • Monitor operational costs, with labour costing tools that allow you to play daily and weekly tasks across multiple cost centres
  • Roster and manage the contracted hours of staff to fixed sand flexible shifts
  • Manage employee details, absence profiling and entitlements accruals
  • Mobilise your workforce with remote clocking and responsive systems layouts for phones and tablets

Prysmian Australia

Prysmian Australia is part of the world’s largest global actor in the cable manufacturing business – Prysmian Group. Prysmian Australia supplies cables and tailor-made solutions within power distribution and transmission, telecommunication, construction and several industry markets such as mining, oil and gas and renewable energy sources, off and onshore. Employing over 500 employees, Prysmian Australia needed a solution to provide accuracy and real-time insight into which employees were on site or off site to ensure safety and efficiency.

Integration for efficiency

Prysmian Australia implemented Mitrefinch’s time and attendance system, TMS, allowing easy recording of who is at work or onsite at any given time. Mitrefinch’s TMS was able to automate award and entitlement calculations and integrate with the company’s payroll system.

The results

Commenting on the results from implementing the Mitrefinch TMS software, Loretta Guerra, Payroll Supervisor at Prysmian Australia said: “Mitrefinch TMS allows us to easily and quickly locate all our employees – a point that was occasionally an issue in the past – particularly at our New Zealand site. That was because, being located in Australia, we didn’t have that same level of visibility into our NZ site. Now with Mitrefinch, we can be advised straight away if a person is on site, or has left site. It also comes in handy with regards to worker’s compensation issues if someone has left site, or during an emergency evacuation.”


The Burlington Hotel

The Burlington Hotel is Dublin city centre’s premier luxury 4 Star Hotel, with over 300 employees, 500 bedrooms and conference facilities for up to 1300 delegates.

The need

Prior to the installation of Mitrefinch’s time and attendance solution, TMS, the hotel used an alternative system that wasn’t calculating hours worked to their satisfaction and simply couldn’t handle the extent of their requirements. “Controlling our labour cost is a number one priority. With 300 employees in a busy 24-7 operation, we need a system to correctly calculate hours worked, breaks taken, paid leave, time off in lieu and Sunday premiums as well as managing complex rostering requirements. Compliance with the Working Time Directive is also increasingly critical.”

Time and money savings

“We regularly run reports to ensure that hours worked, breaks taken, time off and sickness are paid correctly and are in accordance with legislation. We can now provide staff with details of holiday and time in lieu entitlements on demand rather than having to calculate on an individual basis. Impressive cost savings are achieved as the functionality allows for rosters to be prepared within predefined budgets. If a roster is going over budget, revisions can be made easily. I would have no doubt that within the year TMS will have paid for itself.”

Best system for the hospitality sector

“The real benefit of TMS is that we have more control over processes as the information we need to work efficiently is readily available. All departments agree that TMS is a very user-friendly system to work with. Monday mornings are now less stressful than previously, due to the dependability and simplicity of TMS.” “The level of technical support available from Mitrefinch is very good; they are always more than helpful. I have worked with TMS in a number of small, medium and large hotels – all with differing rules and requirements from a time management system. I can say for certain that TMS is an essential management system and works equally well in each of these operations – in my experience it is the best time management system for the Hospitality Sector.”


Hawker Pacific Aerospace

For more than half a century, Hawker Pacific Aerospace has been a leading landing gear overhaul and repair organisation with a reputation for service excellence. They are a subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik and are based near London’s Heathrow Airport.

Cost Saving

Hawker Pacific Aerospace achieve significant cost saving with Mitrefinch Time Management System (TMS) and Access Control system. Before Hawker Pacific Aerospace installed the Mitrefinch TMS, unplanned absence, lateness and ghost clocking was an issue. Also, the organisation of shift manning levels and staff holidays was paper based and taking up valuable time for managers.

Empower the employees

The Employee Self Service feature allows an employee to handle many job-related tasks (such as booking holidays and viewing hours worked) that otherwise would have fallen to management or administrative staff. The IT Manager at Hawker explains: “Once the self-service functionality was rolled out, staff could see their own profile, shift patterns, entitlements and absence information. Since then, lateness has been reduced in many areas.” Administrative staff run absence reports, allowing them to quickly identify problems or patterns with attendance or lateness. As a result, Mitrefinch TMS has led to significant time savings for them and reduced overheads for the company.


Macquarie University

Launched in January 2008, U@MQ manages Macquarie University’s non-academic services of food and retail, entertainment, sport and recreation, student groups, child care and student publications. The organisation also houses an elected student representative council.

Out with the old

Before implementing the Mitrefinch time and attendance system, TMS, U@MQ used manual punch-cards to record and track employee attendance. This process proved to be quite time consuming, taking two to three days to generate the payroll. With Mitrefinch TMS this has now been reduced to half a day. U@MQ chose Mitrefinch biometric fingerprint terminals to replace their old manual clock card system. Due to employing a high number of casual staff, a biometric system was an important consideration for them. They currently have seven Mitrefinch biometric terminals located around the University campus.

Clear benefits

U@MQ’s Infrastructure Support Manager, explains: “We did consider swipe cards but as we employ a lot of casuals we needed to know exactly who was clocking in and out so the biometric system was a good option for us.” “Now when staff arrive for work they simply swipe their ID card and then place their finger on the reader to verify that they are the owner of that particular card. This swipe card and fingerprint combination provides U@MQ with an excellent combination of security and fast processing speeds.” “We looked at some other suppliers but found them to be exorbitantly priced, and the service just wasn’t as personal. The customer care from Mitrefinch met all our needs and we’ve never looked back.”

Better control over payroll costs

As well as cutting down the payroll cycle by three days, Mitrefinch TMS has allowed the University to better forecast payroll figures and put a lot of control into supervisors’ hands which had previously been impossible with the old paper-based system.



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