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How world class organisations track and manage their labour resources and job costs


The ability to manage performance and cost jobs is an extremely valuable strategic asset.

Yet, many organisations still rely on manual time sheeting and labour costing practices, involving paper trails that intrinsically contain data inaccuracy and human error.

With accurate project information on hand you can measure the capacity and efficiency of specific teams, departments and employees, and make swift decisions on production priorities.

Cost control is even more important where project teams operate across multiple contracts or sites, and costed or paid at hourly rates. If project costs are not subsequently kept under close scrutiny, work can soon slip over budget.

Labour Costing functionality within the Mitrefinch Workforce Management system provides a real-time view of all work in progress, employee productivity and work time. You can also:

  • Track employees’ work time and costs against projects or tasks
  • Compare planned against actual tasks and budgets achieved
  • Calculate production costs for accurate client quotations and billing
  • Reduce costs through labour planning and overtime control
  • Track project and sub projects by hours or cost
  • Easily identify and highlight items over budget
  • Schedule staff to match budgets and production cycles

Capturing Job Information

Mitrefinch can provide a range of different options to collect real-time employee time and job information.

These include:

  • Wall mounted swipe ID, proximity or biometric fingerscan terminals
  • Touch screen kiosks around the shop or factory floor
  • Web-based and mobile applications for remote staff

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