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Time and attendance in the Food and Beverage industry

The Food and Beverage industry in Australia is booming, competition is fierce, and innovation is happening all the time. Seasonal changes, promotions and product launches can cause fluctuations in demand that the industry needs to respond to. But your workforce may not be set up for success to help your organisation meet its goals.

Are your supervisors and HR teams locked in a seemingly never-ending stream of admin? Is productivity not quite where you thought it would be but you’re not sure why? Is buddy clocking and absenteeism a major problem?

We can help. Our time and attendance software can give you the tools and reports necessary to help solve these issues and more, improving efficiency and helping to maximise productivity.

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What can it help with?

Keep track of who is (and isn’t) working

Our software allows your workforce to clock in and out with ease – even if they’re working remotely with options for clocking in through the web, through a web-enabled smartphone/tablet, or via their Outlook inbox. The real-time reporting functionality means you can easily track attendance and who is working on and off site on any given day. Securely store, manage, and report on all employee details in one place with our document storage feature.

What are the key features?


Workforce clock in options

Use one of our proximity or biometric terminals or our many other clocking options

Time off management

Employee self-service features allow for simple time off requests and approvals

Labour costing

Track all jobs and projects based on cost and hours worked

Document storage

Securely store, manage, and report on all employee details in one place

Stay compliant

Maintain regulatory compliance with set rules and alerts

Real-time reporting

All your workforce data available with up-to-the minute details


What it can do for your organisation

Let your employees self serve

This means they can manage their own planned absences without the need to bother their manager as the process is automated through the system. Any exceptions in their usual working hours will be highlighted so employees can address these inconsistencies. Managers will then receive a notification to review these edits. The software will also allow employees to update personal details such as their address or to add emergency contact information without having to go through HR.

Platforms & Services

Whatever the needs of your organisation, we can help you set up and implement the right platform and hardware.

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