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Harmony Week: Celebrating our Workplace Diversity


Harmony Week: Celebrating our Workplace Diversity

With one in four workers coming from overseas, there has never been a more important time to acknowledge and celebrate Australia’s diverse workforce. A Taste of Harmony is an annual event that provides Australian workplaces with the opportunity to celebrate the diversity within their workforce. This year A Taste of Harmony runs during the week of March 20 – 31.

As part of the event, workplaces are asked to register and then organise a lunch or afternoon/morning tea and encourage staff to bring a dish that represents their cultural background. Workers are also encouraged to share stories of their cultural background.

Van Hoang, Mitrefinch ANZ Marketing Manager explains; “The team at Mitrefinch Australia consists of a number of cultures including The Philippines, Vietnam, China, Lebanon and the UK, as well as some token Aussies. A Taste of Harmony provides us with a perfect opportunity to come together and learn a little more about where our co-workers come from while enjoying an array of different national dishes.”

Here’s a peek of the Leche Flan which John from our support team kindly brought in for us today:


On top of that we also had some of Deirdre’s chocolate crackles!


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