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Workforce Management Solutions for your Most Efficient Workforce

Take your workforce management to the next level with user-friendly employee management solutions from Mitrefinch. Our solutions are designed to help Australian business like yours manage working time accurately and efficiently. Increase productivity and save time and money with Mitrefinch. Change the way you work, forever.

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Track labour costs

Labour costing

Our Time Allocation System (TAS) allows you to record employee working time against specific jobs, projects or tasks. This lets you record the time spent on a task, which allows for more accurate job costing. This provides managers valuable insight on how much working time is spent on specific tasks allowing for better operational planning.


Eliminate time fraud

Biometric time and attendance clocks

Get complete trust in your time and attendance records with a biometric time clock. By using biometric tech you can put a stop to any instances of “buddy punching” (where one employee punches in for another) as it uses unique fingerprint characteristics to register the employee.


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