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Ensuring Business Continuity in a Crisis

Mitrefinch can support your business and employees with award-winning systems and products ensuring your business is able to continue as normal during COVID-19 and after.

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The future of your workforce is changing

To prevent further spread of the coronavirus, many companies have had to dramatically change the way that their day-to-day work is carried out. Not only is this jarring for your team, but the added pressure of managing a newly remote workforce, balancing childcare and business needs, and trying to operate as best you can leave you feeling burnt out.

Mitrefinch understands how challenging this time is not just for business owners, but for everyone. Which is why we're building a bank of resources for you covering topics from helping to smooth the transition to full-time working from home, how to take your business practise digital, productivity and wellbeing tips for you and your employees and more.


Eight ways to master working from home

To help you on your way, here’s our best tips on how to stay productive and proactive while working from home.


How to manage your staff remotely

Remote working is an ongoing, fundamental aspect of many organisations – and in this current climate, one that is here to stay.

A message from our CEO, Matt Jenkins

As more and more countries take action to manage and mitigate the impact of coronavirus, its disruptive impact is increasing day by day. We know this is a very unsettling time for everyone. At Mitrefinch we have been closely monitoring the developments of COVID-19 in order to be able to support our employees and customers and ensure business continuity. We want to assure you that Mitrefinch is open for business and that right now you require our advice, expertise and solutions in order to support your staff, manage your business operations and overcome short-term productivity challenges.


Cloud time and Attendance

Working from anywhere, anytime

Having the ability to work remotely and effectively track your employees is very beneficial in today's world. Remote staff can clock in and out on any device using our cutting-edge cloud technology, know who is working at any given time and exactly how long they've worked. Managers can view, update, amend time, and clocking data 24 hours a day.

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HR Software

Everything you need in one secure place

We understand every business works differently. Our real-time dashboards allow your staff to self serve and view at a glance their information and time off, wherever they are. They can easily book vacation, record availability to work, record absences, and overtime all within our cloud-based time and attendance solution.

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Integrate time and attendance software for seamless workforce management...

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