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Clocking in system


Clocking in system for employees

Track employee working hours accurately. Employees can clock in and out from electronic terminals or software accessible through their PC, online portal or mobile so they can self-manage time off and view rotas.

Discover how this will reduce administration time, minimise compliance risks and improving your workforce productivity.

Powerful, real-time reporting

Create at a glance or bespoke reports based on real-time data to analyse productivity output, absence trends, payroll exports and Bradford Factor reports.

Flexible clocking in options

Choice of clocking in terminals suitable to your working environment. Enable your employees to clock-in via biometric, card readers, fobs, mobile or PC devices.

Employee Scheduling

Create complex timesheets based on availability, shift patterns, pay rates or employee skills that meets the requirements of your business or individual teams.

Achieve payroll accuracy

Reduce any costly and time consuming payroll or data entry errors by integrating into your existing payroll software or using Mitrefinch’s own payroll solutio

Assists with compliance including GDPR

Produce alerts to inform you of any individual potentially exceeding legal working hours and assists with your GDPR requirements by centralising records and deleting them to your policies.

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