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inefficient procedures wasting time at many companies


A new study has revealed that inefficient processes and duplicated efforts are a major cause of wasted time in the workplace, with tech-driven processes suffering the most. Almost half of business leaders polled cited workplace inefficiency and an overload of paperwork as major issues.

The authors of the study urge businesses to acknowledge that efficiency and technological investment go hand in hand, so business leaders need to define what efficiency means for their organisation. If not, ROI measurement will be another unproductive process that leads to more wasted time further down the line. By embracing readily available technology, it is possible to gather data more swiftly, automate otherwise bureaucratic and lengthy processes and keep track of patterns and trends.

Mitrefinch staff scheduling and self-service time and attendance technology makes it easy to track attendance data,reduce absences and verify the identity of workers, thereby reducing fraud and confusion. When is it time to ditch the old bundy clock and get a proper time and attendance system? Look out for these signs:

1) You suspect some staff are clocking on behalf of their friends.

2) Your company is growing, and your payroll people are swamped by the extra data to process.

3) Your flexi-time policy is proving hard to manage.

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