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Essential time tracking for the logistics industry


The complexity of long working hours, intricate shift patterns, remote staff, various skill sets and constantly changing regulations makes managing workforces in the logistics industry a real challenge. However, forward-thinking companies are turning to bespoke and integrated time and attendance and HR to manage the whole process seamlessly.

At Mitrefinch, we are industry leaders in providing flexible and scalable workforce solutions not only make the life of HR managers easier, but they also significantly reduce operational costs and free up time for supporting staff more closely. Here are the top 3 benefits for tracking your workforces’ time and attendance in the logistics industry.


1. Simple shift planning and accurate wage calculations

Shifts in the logistics world have many variables. There’s workload, but also different types of jobs requiring alternative vehicle types, and the availability of staff with the right skillsets or qualification make it complex. Our software solution helps you create shifts based on your criteria, meaning you have the right number of people, with the right skills, available at the correct time. You’ll improve efficiency and have a better handle on budget planning.

Keep precise real-time records of hours worked, including overtime, with time and attendance software, then use this data to feed into the Mitrefinch payroll solution. HR teams can be confident payroll is correct, ensuring staff get paid what they expect every time. Nothing is more demoralising or potentially damaging to staff then incorrect pay.


2. Effortless compliance and improve productivity 

With the working hours of drivers being closely regulated, customised rules and alerts will monitor hours worked and the approach of an upcoming hour-cap before it becomes an issue. Changes in working hours regulations can be applied simply to all staff. Running a business means that unexpected challenges at any moment. HR software solutions offering real-time reporting allow you to make informed decisions immediately. Being quick and accurate frees up time, and makes your whole organisation work efficiently, saving costs.


3. Manage you workforce anywhere, with smooth and fast processing

All your data is pulled into your dashboard (tailored for each customer) in real time, meaning you can generate reports or complete daily tasks quickly and easily. By integrating time and attendance, HR software and a payroll solution, then you can have all your HR tasks running together in a complete workforce management suite.

Mitrefinch software works like a dream on all devices, meaning your staff can access their important information while out on the road, or working remotely. It also means management can always be on top of what’s going on while on the move. The software also allows you to keep on top of your drivers’ training and development needs, which also relates to compliance in many cases.


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