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Capture construction employee working hours more effectively 


Construction sites can be chaotic, with groups of workers constantly on the move. Tracking hours can be a huge challenge in such an environment, particularly if the site still relies on the ‘punch-card’ time and  attendance and in-person head counts. With more than 1.1 million Australians working in the construction sector*, there is a large incentive for modernization to take place in the near future.

Here are some of the benefits of construction companies to make the switch to software-driven Workforce Management:


Digital solutions enable remote control

You can’t be everywhere at the same time, but attendance control solutions can let you see everything on one screen, even if there is a need to manage multiple building sites at once from a remote location. This means HR managers can accomplish more, in less time. Digital solutions are not just more convenient to use, but they also provide improved accuracy and allow tracking of each employee’s whereabouts in real time. This allows for quick identification of errors, as well as locating bottlenecks where additional workers are urgently needed.


Statistical analysis allows businesses to plan ahead     

Unusual behaviour at the site is much easier to spot when incoming data can be compared with historical trends for similar projects. The value of statistical analysis for construction companies is huge, with automatic reporting features and the ability to allow or deny access on site depending on the individual. Data mining methodologies are evolving, bringing new opportunities to accurately model future projects and predict the number of man hours necessary to complete certain tasks.


Staying a step ahead of the competition is easier with technology

Data-driven Workforce Management allows companies to be more agile when pursuing new business opportunities and to offer more favourable rates on public tenders. The construction industry is one of Australia’s most competitive industries, with an average increase in productivity of 2.8%* annually, putting pressure on companies to adapt. With so much at stake, decision-makers in construction companies have to embrace automation and biometric technologies in the interest of long-term improvement of their workforce control procedures.


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