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The benefits of tracking your employees


Business of any size would enjoy the benefits of tracking time and attendance. There are so many different benefits of implementing a system to monitor your workforces’ time and attendance, it doesn’t matter what size your company is, or how many employees you have. These benefits are for your company as a whole, you as employers and employees too.

This information can then be used to implement new ways of working, something that can benefit not only the company but the employees as well.

Here are 8 strong benefits of tracking time and attendance:


1. Reduce errors quickly

Software like the time and attendance solution from Mitrefinch provides super accurate records by monitoring staff movements via clocking in or biometric terminals. Problems in terms of scheduling and rotas can be spotted and addressed fast. Errors associated with payroll are also seriously reduced.


2. Happy staff and reduced absenteeism

Integrated systems allow you to deal promptly with staff holiday or flexi-time requests. You’ll know who is scheduled and when, while real-time reports will show if there is flexibility for a team member to take leave. Remote workers also appreciate knowing their working time is being acknowledged.

In the old days it was easy for a friend to clock in for you. Time theft was a huge drain on businesses. Now digital systems aligned to computer usage and biometric entry eliminates that threat, and record who is working and for how long. Long lunches and extended cigarette breaks can be monitored and acted upon.


4. Boost profits

More people working for the right amount of time can only lead to increased productivity. And with that comes higher profits. The benefits of a tracking time and attendance system soon outweigh the initial outlay!


5. Planning and save time with accurate reports

With the latest software you can easily plan and manage your work teams. It now takes no time to plan for absences or holidays, with real-time reports highlighting potential issues for you. Integrating your clocking in systems with payroll will make administrative tasks a breeze. The time saved just on preparing payroll alone will be significant.

Managers and HR teams can customise their software to issue reports in real time, giving up to the second information on activity and areas to be addressed. Individual’s hours worked, and holiday time are just a click away.


7. Never fall foul of compliance regulations

This will vary from sector to sector, but an example would be rules around staff being allowed to use certain machinery for a limited number of hours. Your system should flag up if that is happening. Talking of legal matters, there can never be a dispute about salary linked to hours worked.


8. Go biometric

Now your teams can clock on using biometrics, be it face or fingerprint recognition software, all integrated with your time and attendance system. There can never be any doubt about who is in the building and for how long.

All these benefits of tracking time and attendance are invaluable to a business of any size. The Mitrefinch solution is ideal and completely flexible. Integrate it with card readers, web-based solutions (ideal for remote staff) or biometrics. Its software is widely regarded as being one of the best in the business in terms of usability and functionality. Your teams can access the system from any device and you can host it on your site, in the cloud or a mixture of both.


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