Self Service Tools

Mitrefinch Employee Self Service tools empower your supervisors and employees to track and manage their own time and attendance information


Mitrefinch Employee Self Service tools are particularly attractive to organisations with flexible, mobile workforces.

Using a PC, laptop, or mobile device, employees can track and manage their own time and attendance information, request time off or shift changes, and view payment, entitlements and annual leave balances.

Supervisors can also access the system online allowing them to check, edit and approve anomalies, plan for absences and shift changes, and generate reports - regardless of whether they are in the office or not.

  • Automate time-intensive administrative tasks

  • Supports flexible working practices, such as mobile workers, remote offices and flexi-time

  • Leave Management - Employees can request leave, shift and work record changes, supervisors authorise or decline requests automatically

  • Employees can also check attendance information such as flexi-time balances and entitlements, absence history and planned leave

  • Leave Slots allow supervisors to restrict the number of employees that can be absent from a particular group, on a specific date or time period


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