Biometric Time and Attendance

Biometrics is a method of recognising an individual by a physiological characteristic - such as a fingerprint or hand scan.

Mitrefinch biometric time clocks eliminate the need for multiple passwords or swipe cards – an employee simply places their finger on the biometric sensor and access is either granted or denied accordingly. Our biometric time clocks can be used as the sole means of registering attendance or, for an extra layer of security, along with an ID card or key fob.

Employees can be easily enrolled with a finger/hand scan directly at the terminal rather than having to produce ID cards or issue proximity fobs – which can be particularly time consuming for organisations with a high number of casuals.

We partner with industry leaders, Lumidigm, whose biometric sensors are among the best in the business, which means they work in real-life conditions - dirty or sweaty hands, damp or cold environments, even through a latex glove!


Key Features and Benefits

  • Can be used alone, or in conjunction with swipe cards or key fobs
  • Powered by Lumidigm multi-spectral imaging technology which looks beneath the surface of the skin to eliminate common fingerprint capture problems
  • Prevents ‘buddy punching’ or time fraud
  • Minimizes unplanned absences and improves punctuality
  • Increases security by monitoring employee and visitor access to certain areas
  • Verifies identity, as fingerprints can’t be replicated


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